Statistics New Zealand require a monthly survey to be completed and submitted by NZ based accommodation operators. iBex reports include a form which has been approved and authorized by Statistics NZ which automatically collates the required monthly data from your property. This report can now be transmitted to Statistics NZ via email.

Accommodation providers are required to complete the form and have up to ten days after the end of the month to submit their return.
(i.e. January's survey must be returned by 10 February.

Before generating the report, you will need to ensure your GE number is added to your Property Details page.

The GE Number is a 9 digit code allocated by Statistics NZ that identifies the accommodation business.

These codes are pre-printed onto the paper survey form sent out by Statistics NZ at the end of the month prior.

Go to Manage Property in the Property menu.

Enter your GE Number in the appropriate field and hit Save on the bottom of the page.

To generate the report, follow these steps:

  1. Select Guest Nights (Govt Stats) option in the Reports section in the menu.

  2. Enter the month you wish to report for, hit Search and then Email.

  3. If you have saved your GE Number on the Property Details page, it will appear pre-filled in the email template. If you have not saved your GE Number, you will need to manually enter it now.

  4. Click the Send button.

  5. Once you have sent an email, you can always check in the Email Log to see if it has been sent successfully.