The "Copy Booking" feature allows you to easily duplicate a booking for a future date. All booking details will be copied over.  

This option is found in the Overview tab in a booking.

Follow these steps to copy a booking:

  1. Deselect any items you do not want copied.
  2. Enter a date that must be on or later than today’s date.

  3. Click “Next"

4. The screen will show the same ticked booking items as above, but with the new booking date information. 

The new booking's unit will only be the same if it is available for the new dates - If it is not, another unit can be selected in its place.  

The unit can still be changed if the original unit is available.

5. Click the “Copy” button.

If the booking is successfully copied, it will show as a copied booking with the ability to add a new date for another copy.

As the booking is copied to future dates, the list of copied bookings will grow.

If the window is closed, then the Copy Booking link is clicked again, the window will re-open showing all copied bookings already made.

Each copied booking has a "Cancel" tick box, allowing one or more copied bookings to be cancelled.