Internet Browser Requirements:

iBex is cloud based (internet based), therefore there are some technical requirements we highly recommend following to help optimise your iBex experience.

iBex supports the latest version (and the two prior versions) of Firefox, Chrome, Safai and MS Edge. We recommend that you check your browsers are updated regularly, and you clear your cache and cookies often.

  • You can upgrade your internet browsers by going to
  • You can clear your cache and cookies in the browsers listed above, by pressing the Ctrl, Shift and Delete keys at the same time and follow the prompts to clear your cached data and cookies.
    Once completed, press F5 on your keyboard to refresh your pages (if you have any open). If you are logged into an account, you will be forced to log in again by re-entering your usernames and passwords.
    More information about how to clear cache and cookies can be found here.


Computer Requirements:

We recommend that you have:

  • A computer with a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 or better
  • A computer with 4 GB+ of memory (anything under 2 GB will seriously reduce performance)


Internet Requirements:

We suggest avoiding dial-up internet. Generally the better the speed of your internet, the better your iBex performance will be. If you have several staff users on the same internet connection, you may want to discuss with your internet provider what internet plan will be best for you.

If your area is prone to unstable internet, or if you would like to have a back-up option just in case, we recommend purchasing a mobile broadband stick, so you will still be able to access the internet and your business won't be affected.

From the Maintain Property Details page in your iBex account (under the Property Maintenance heading in the menu) you can set up a report to be sent to your email every night (approximately 11.30pm), which you can print off for the following days list of arrivals and departures. This is a good feature to have set up, in case of internet outages; you will be able to maintain your guests who are arriving and/or departing.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why update my internet browser?
Updating your browser brings improved speed, security and privacy. Older versions of browsers can have known exploits which can leave your computer vulnerable.
The major browsers all put out patches when a exploit is found and fixed.

Why not support older browsers?
Where required we do (like the front booking screens), but supporting many different versions of browsers adds a lot of overhead to the development process. By setting a minimum requirement we're able to focus on a specific range of browsers and give you the best experience possible.

What pages/accounts does this apply to?
The public booking screens will continue to support many older browser versions. The browser requirements  applies to the iBex administration (whether you are using the Property Management System, Online Plus, or Channel Manager).