Cross Property Units is a new enhancement that allows individual units to be made available for more than one property in an account. Up until now a unit could only be assigned to a single property.

It would be ideal for say a holiday park who also has motel units available, they will now be able to market the motel units on the holiday park side and the motel side with a different star rating.

This feature is driven by a PMS option called “Cross Property Units”. Accounts will be required to have the option activated for any of these described features to be available.

Mapping Units

Mapping the units occurs when editing the unit (Settings > Units > Search Units), there is now a section labelled “Multi Property Mapping”.

A unit is required to belong to a single property, known as the default or owner property.

Both the default property and the properties who are able to use this unit will be chosen through selects:

Room / Unit Mapping

Once a unit has been selected for use by additional properties, the unit will need to be mapped to a room type as per normal.

The unit however will be indicated as external on the mapping screen (purple shading) and a mouse over of the unit will identify the owner property

To easily switch between the units and property there is now a “Jump To” on the top right hand corner of the screen.

Please note the “Jump To” will only display properties mapped to the active unit.

Unit Search Screen

Additional filters have been added to the unit search screen to show units belonging across properties.You can now run a filter on owner properties and/or available for properties - this is a great feature for those larger multi property accounts:

Bookings Calendar

Units which belong to another property are displayed in a different colour and have the text ‘External’ on the right hand side. Bookings which are made on another property will be highlighted to show the difference. From the screenshot below you can see these bookings are marked with an ‘E’, hovering over the ‘E’ explains “This booking does not belong to the active property.”

If you (your staff) however do not have permission to view bookings from your ‘other’ property, the bookings made on your other property will not be visible and will instead show as a non-moveable entity.Details about the booking will not show, when hovering over the booking a message will appear stating why and at the very minimum the booking number will show:

Unit Exclusion/Inclusion

Unit Exclusions will show up as normal, please note exclusions are against the unit and are not property-specific.

Drag/Drop Bookings

The ability to drag/drop depends on the booking.

While inside the same unit, drag/drop will remain as normal. However dragging from one unit to another may trigger a Moving Between Properties dialog, if the property of the booking and the property of the new unit is different. This is outlined further in this user guide.


When a booking is opened, if the property of the booking is different to the current visible property, a warning will show in the booking. (The property will not be automatically changed.)

Moving Between Properties

On an existing booking a (Change) button has been added to the booking, which will open the ‘Change Property’ window:

Select which property you want to change the booking to, then the pop up will ask you to review the room types and rates, if applicable a list of mapped rooms and rates will appear:

Moving a booking on the bookings calendar will open the ‘Change Property’ window when dragging/dropping booking results in a change of property:

In either case moving between properties may require the room/rates to be chosen again, since rooms and rates are property specific.

Please note if there is a unit and/or an extra in the booking that is not available to the property you are trying to change to, the booking cannot be moved.

An existing booking will remove the “Change” link and the bookings calendar will display the following message

Once all filled out, the booking can be saved, and the new property is applied.