Introduction International Ltd. (CTRP) was founded in 1999 in Shanghai, China. The company is a leading provider of travel services including accommodation reservation, transportation ticketing, packaged tours and corporate travel management.

To sign up with Ctrip – click here to register

Please read the Important Info and Additional Notes section about interface limitations.

Note: If you would like Seekom support to make the connection for you, a charge of $110 per hour (+tax) will apply with a minimum charge of $50 (+tax).

Registering With Ctrip



Ctrip will help the property to create rate plans and ensure your account is connected to iBex as your channel manager. The property will also be given the credentials below to access their Ctrip account/extranet:

  1. Hotel Code
  2. Property ID
  3. Password

You will need to ensure the Ctrip account is activated so iBex can connect to it.
You need to ensure “booking notification” is enabled at Ctrip so they will send bookings to iBex.
The property and rate plan details have to be created and set up in Ctrip extranet before the connection in iBex can be done.
Rate plans in Ctrip have to be set up to match against iBex’s such as number of pax, rate plan payment type, number of breakfast (base on number of base guest of the room in iBex).
You can only choose ONE rate plan payment type (Prepay at Ctrip or Pay at hotel) per iBex property/account. This will apply to all rate plans.
You can only choose to include/exclude breakfast per iBex property /account and you will need to update the full period/date range for this option. This will apply to all rate plans at Ctrip
Ctrip displays base rates ONLY and doesn’t support cost per extra adult. Any extra guests, you will need to create a new rate plan at Ctrip as well as create a new rate plan in iBex. You will also needs to be ensured it is then mapped in your channel manager in iBex
With Ctrip, you will come to decide with Ctrip about what currency for Ctrip to sell the rooms and for Ctrip to charge the property at. Property needs to set a currency (e.g. NZD or USD) matches Ctrip’s so recommended to have a different currency selling group for CTrip connection if needed.
Ctrip interface doesn’t support multiple rates mapping so it is only one rate per room. You will need to create multiple rate plans for multiple minimum night stay and different base guest rates in Ctrip. Then you can map the multiple rate plans against the same room type in iBex. You can only set minimum stay limit on Ctrip side.
Only booking confirmation and cancellations will come through to your Ctrip connection in iBex.

Set-up Instructions

Login to your iBex account
Click on New Sales Channel  (in the “Channel Management”) section in your side menu
In the pop up window enter ctrip into the search field at top right of window and press enter on your keyboard and click on the green plus “+” symbol to register the channel

Matching results will be displayed – see example screen image below:

Optionally to update General section fields as required. Notes are private.

Refer to sample example screen image below:

At Rules section:
  • select what Selling Group you want Ctrip to be registered to (click here for more information about selling groups)
  • select the Rate Modifier that you want Ctrip to use – Rate 1 will typically be same as you sell at, other options will be a % increase or discount (click here for more information about Rate Modifiers).
  • PMS accounts only – set Multi-booking Invoice as required. ‘ No’ means you will send an invoice for each booking, ‘Yes’ means you can send multiple bookings on one invoice.
  • PMS accounts only – If you want to remove the amount charged by Ctrip for any bookings received, set the Commission charged by Ctrip.
  • PMS accounts only – In order for the commission amount be removed from the booking, it needs to be registered to the booking as an extra. Set the extra that the amount is logged to in the Commission Extras Code field. If you have not an extra registered to your account, save the details and register the extra once you have set it up.

    Refer to example below:

Click on the Register Sales Channel button
Now go to the Channel Mapping tab
Enter your email address at iBex Notification Emails To field
It is recommended that iBex Email on New Booking are set as follows:
  • Block Operator – not checked
  • Block Property – checked
  • Block Customer – checked

At Channel Property ID enter your Ctrip Property ID. When you register with Ctrip they will provide you with a Hotel ID number so you can add the number in your Ctrip connection in iBex

It is recommended that Send Rates is set as ticked.
Set Min Stay Handling field as required (we recommend First Available). You can set up minimum stays at Ctrip but in iBex you will then need to set the Min Stay Handling field to “Specific Minimum Stay”
Set Allocation Handling field as required (we recommend Total per Room).
Set Rate Plan Payment Type to what your contract type is set at Ctrip. You can choose from “Prepay At Ctrip (501)” OR” Pay At Hotel (16)”
You can tick Breakfast Included meaning that all your room types at Ctrip include breakfast which will display as an icon on the extranet. Please Note: Ctrip does not send iBex a notification in the booking stating the breakfast is included – refer the important notes on this page
Click on the Save button at the bottom and you will now be able to map your rooms and rates
Complete each room mapping row as follows:
  • Channel Room Name – select the Room name from your Ctrip account that you want to receive the availability of the iBex Room name in that row
  • iBex Rate Name – select the rate that you want to send Ctrip for that room.

Click on the Save button at the bottom
Click on the button Save & Update Channel so rates and inventory update at Ctrip. You will notice that it will show the number of updates queued to Ctrip which can take a few minutes for them to retrieve from iBex.

 Once it says “No channel updates queued” you can click on the button View Log to check if there are no errors

The iBex log will confirm with an OK status meaning it is as per table below:



16:55:48 CTRIP, ctrip1, abchotel, 5447: Rate – CheckUpdateStatus(8293002351);16:55:49 Rate update Complete
16:55:49 OK



16:54:48 CTRIP, ctrip1, abchotel, 5447: Inventory – CheckUpdateStatus(8292995192);16:54:49 Inventory update Complete
16:54:49 OK

If you receive a red error please email to look into this error for you
Please log into your Ctrip account/extranet to see if the rates and inventory have updated correctly

Important Notes

  1. Inventory and rate updates are asynchronous processing (Not process immediately), Ctrip has a job to run every 3 minutes in their production environment. The process status result will be logged in View Log found in the channel mapping page in iBex.

  2. iBex can send a full update of a total 360 days maximum to Ctrip.

  3. Actual or virtual credit card is sent via bookings from Ctrip can be charged by the hotel.

  4. Ensure to set the number of base guest of the room the same in both iBex and Ctrip.

  5. Ctrip doesn’t support cost per extra guest. iBex sends base guest amount rate to Ctrip.

  6. Ctrip only supports adult rate.

  7. Ctrip doesn’t support multiple rate plans, therefore you will need to duplicate your Ctrip Room type and then map this in your Ctrip connection in iBex

  8. A property can choose either to include breakfast or not for all the rates (not individual rate). The number of breakfasts in a rate needs to be set to match the number of base guest of the room in iBex’s. Also, you will need to update the full period/date range when breakfast option is turned on or off at Ctrip. If iBex sends more than the maximum number of breakfasts to Ctrip, Ctrip will not accept/update the number of breakfasts. It is important to set the right number in both Ctrip and iBex.

  9. Property needs to set a currency in Ctrip account. If the currency is not matching to your iBex account you will need to have a different currency selling group for your Ctrip connection in iBex

  10. The Ctrip interface doesn’t support minimum stay rate as iBex doesn’t get the option to send minimum stay restriction information to Ctrip. However the property can manually set the minstay restriction at Ctrip end