-PMS users only

An advanced feature of iBex is that you can sell the same unit as multiple options and once one of those options is booked, iBex instantly removes the availability from all the other options that the unit was assigned to. This is known as Virtual Rooms.

Instructions to set up a Virtual room type are exactly the same as creating any new room type so below are some examples of why, how and when you may want to use them.

It is not recommended to sell any Virtual rooms through any sales channel as they will be unaware that multiple room types are the same unit. It will result in the possibility of an Unassigned/Double booking.
  • When a unit is more than one room type.
    Example 1 - unit 2 can be a Twin Room or a King room. Each room type can be priced differently and when one option is booked, the other becomes unavailable.
    Example 2 - unit 1 is a Standard room and unit 5 a Deluxe Room. However, the units have an interconnecting door so can also be sold as a Family room when booked together. 

  • Increase your selling potential by marketing the same units in different ways.
    For example, you could sell all your Deluxe rooms also as Honeymoon rooms. You can just have different descriptions and inclusions (for example, upgraded quality of bedding, bunch of flowers, chocolates, a turn down service) and whenever you receive a booking, you will know which option it was booked as.
    One user's example...
    ''We have two bedroom units which we market 4 different ways! Simply by putting a deadlock on one of the bedroom doors and including/removing consumables or servicing options. Our two large family units can sleep up to 8 people but we were frustrated at having to change every single bed when we only let the room to a couple or small family (for some reason people like to use or maul every single bed!). These units are our biggest sellers over the colder months because they are really cosy.''
    ''We can now sell them as a 2 bedroom motel, 2 bedroom unit (taking the tea/coffee supplies and servicing option off), 1 bdrm motel and 1 bdrm queen unit (again just taking the consumables out and locking the back door). So by simply putting a deadlock on one of the bedroom doors and adding or removing consumables we can lock it off and sell it as a one bedroom unit or motel! It offers people more choices for their budget - $10 makes a big difference to some. It's only early days yet (2 months) but we've noticed it's working already.''

  • To provide more control over a selling group.
    For example, you can create new room types and only map them to a specific selling group to use. 

  • To provide more control over your availability with online Sales Channels and the number of rooms they can book through their websites.
    For example, you can duplicate your room types and only assign them to the selling group for your online sales channels.
    This gives you more control in a number of ways...
  1. You control the number of rooms that the selling group can sell (by only mapping the number of units you want assigned to the new room type) which is great if you only want to sell a handful of rooms through their booking websites.
  2. You control which rooms their bookings are allocated to (by setting the order in your unit to room type mapping settings).