PMS users only - Please note that this option must be activated by your iBex account manager so please contact your support team if required.

Click here for advanced room servicing options

You can set a room service schedule for each room type which is automatically applied when a guest checks into their room.

The servicing set can be viewed and edited within the booking which will then be shown on the Room Servicing report (which can be printed daily from the Reports section in the menu).

Once the room/unit has been serviced, you can update it in the system so that it has been logged as being serviced. This is completed in the Unit status option (in the Reports section in the menu).

Any room which is scheduled to be serviced and checked in by a different guest the same day will automatically be shown as a priority on the report.

Your Arrivals list will show that the room is unserviced by displaying a WHITE (Awaiting Service) icon for that room (as shown below) which will update to GREEN once the room status has been marked a serviced.

To display the Room Service Status on Arrivals & Departures list you will need to enable this option on your bookings calendar:

  • Go to the Bookings Calendar
  • Click on the “Screen Options” tab
  • Select the tick box in “Show Room Servicing Status”
  • Click “Save”

Set Room Servicing Schedule

This is set up when you are creating a new room type within your iBex system. If you did not set it up originally or want to change the current room servicing settings for a specific room type, follow these instructions:

  1. Select Search Room Types option in the Room Types section in the menu

  2. Click on the room type ID that you want to set/amend the room servicing for

  3. Go into the Details tab and open the Room Servicing section (at the bottom)

  4. Amend as required (using the original instructions when creating a new room type at the end of Step 1 and the notes below)
    -The primary room service is to define whether the servicing is to be departure only or set to a roll-over schedule.
    -If scheduled, the operator can choose fixed days of the week or a certain number of days after arrival of the guest, and the type of the service (for example, Daily, Weekly, Partial, etc) which will show on the room servicing report.
    -The secondary service allows you to override the primary service on certain days. For example you may do a partial clean everyday but a full clean every 3rd day.

  5. Click the Save room type button

View & Edit a Schedule

  1. Go into the booking

  2. Go to the Check In/Out tab

  3. Select the Edit option in the Room Servicing field

  4. To delete a specific service, tick the Del option and Save

  5. To delete the full schedule, click the blue Delete button

  6. To add an additional service into the schedule, click Add

7. To add any comments (which will show on the Room Servicing report), click the Edit option on the right hand side of the particular schedule, add the comment and Save.