The handling of agent commissions has been improved.  Until now, agent commissions had to added manually by the clicking on the ‘Cmsn’ button in the invoice screen.

This is now redundant as the agent commission line will be added automatically so long as the set up of the agent follows the following instructions


Step 1

Ensure you have an extra that is set up to be an agent commissionable extra.  For this example, we will call the extra code AgtCmsn. It is a special type of extra that has the following field set in the extras set up screen:

The Charge Method must be Each and the Percentage Charge is set to Agent Commission.

Step 2

To add this Extra to the Agent/Sales Channel, go to Search Sales Channels and click on the red ID for the Agent/Sales Channel you are wanting to edit.

The Agent/Sales Channel can be set to have this Extra in the Details tab of the setup screen as follows:

Note  that the Commission Extras Code will only show extras that have been set up as in step 1.

See it in Action

  1. Either create a new booking with this agent added to the booking or add this agent to an existing booking and save.
  2. Check the extras.  Note that a new commission extra will now be automatically added with the value set to be the commission value for this agent.
  3. Change the value of the booking and note that the commission extra will also change value.
  4. Remove the agent from the booking and note the commission extra disappears.
  5. All customer facing documentation such as booking receipt and invoice will show the commission as the last item in the list.