When your customer makes a booking on your booking screen, they are required to fill out fields. You can personalise the booking form to suit your own requirements by setting which fields are required and which are mandatory in order for the booking to be completed and even add custom fields.


Select Website Booking Templates (in the Website Bookings section in the menu), Choose the template you'd like to change by clicking the red ID number

Go to the Guest Fields tab,  and here you can select the options when guests make a booking on your site:  

Optional: The option is shown on the booking form but does not have to be completed for a booking to be made

Mandatory:  The option is shown on the booking form and must be completed in order for a booking to be made.

Hide: The option will not be shown on the booking form

Template Mode: At the top of the screen you will see Desktop and Mobile Template (with desktop selected, always, by default).
Any changes you make on the Desktop Template will also need to be updated in the Mobile Template. 

Click Save Desktop Template at the bottom of the screen to save any changes once you are finished (Make sure to do this before switching to the Mobile Template or your changes will be lost).

If there is a field that you want added that are not offered, you can use the Custom fields section and set it to be either optional, mandatory, or a check box.

Once completed, pease go through the booking process as if you were a customer on your booking screen to ensure that the booking form asks what is required.