When your customer is making an online booking, your booking screen will advise them of your payment and cancellation policies and any deposit required before they confirm their booking.

You can set different deposit conditions for different rates (for example, a cheaper price may be available if your customer pays in full at the time of booking) which are managed within the advanced section in the rate's settings. The deposit conditions set in your Property details will apply to all bookings unless otherwise set in the rate that the customer is booking.

PMS users only - Any deposit condition set will also be recommended as the amount to be taken when manually adding a booking to your account.

The booking screen will ask for credit card details (if it’s a requirement set by you) but will not take any monies. If you use a payment gateway that is connected to your iBex account (such as PayPal, DPS, etc), the deposit amount will be taken instantly through their system at the time of the booking.


  • Select Manage Property in the Property section in the menu

  • Scroll down to Required Deposit 

  • Set the deposit as required: either a percentage value, a set fee value, or X number of nights, respectively.
    If you select the percentage option, you can set two different percentages based on the booking arrival lead time.
    For example your deposit could be set to 100%, but for bookings arriving 60+days in advance, the deposit may only be 50%. This would need to be set as below:

  • Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen