You can set what order your rooms and rates are displayed on your public booking screen.
Once set, the order of your room types, rates, and units (PMS users only) will also be displayed within your iBex account (on the Search/Maintain Room Types, Search/Maintain Rates, and your Bookings Calendar screens).

Rooms determine the order of rooms displayed and rates, the order of the rates for each room.


  • Select the Search Room Types, Search Rates or Search Units option in the menu (in this instance I have selected room types)

  • Click the Order button and a pop up will appear

You can get iBex to Auto Arrange the order (by the unit Type and iBex name or the date the units were entered with both options either in ascending or descending order) or set it yourself (which is recommended).Depending on the number of room types you have within your account, you may have a Drag & Drop option and/or a Manual option. Please select the method in which you wish to update the order. The method activated will be highlighted green.

  • Set the order as required

  • Select Save Order

iBex will refresh so if you exit out of the pop up the order will be displayed on your Room Types list and if you check your public booking screen, you will see that the order will follow the order that has been set.

  • To set the rate or unit order, select the Rates or Units tab option
  • Click the Order button and repeat as above

  1. The order set for your rates will also be seen on the Rates & Min Stays calendar screen within iBex aswell as in the drop down option for the rates that you can select from when manually adding a new booking to your account.

  2. If you are setting the order of how your units are displayed on your Bookings Calendar screen, the order set will be listed within each Unit Type if you are using the screen option ‘Group by Unit Type’ in your settings.