If you want to keep a record of how your customers found you, you can specify what options are available to be selected. The options saved in your account can be added to bookings in 2 places:

  1. On your public booking screen for your customers to select when they are making a direct online booking

  2. (PMS users only) In the notes section of a booking

You can add or amend the options in your account at anytime.


  • Select Account Details (in the Account section in your menu) - this will take you to the Account Details screen.

  • Scroll down (approx 3/4 down the page) to the Add Booking Source field.

  • In the Delete Booking Source drop down option you will be able to see all the booking sources currently saved in your account

  • To add a new one, add it in the Add Booking Source field and then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save

  • To remove an existing booking source, select it in the Delete Booking Source field and then click Save

*Please note that you can only add or delete one booking source at a time.