All that is required to add your booking page to facebook is an iframe app.  As there are a range of iframe app options out there we have provided instructions for that which we believe does the best job (Static Iframe Tab).

View  our demo at

IMPORTANT: You must have a page in your Facebook account. Use this link to add a page into your Facebook account if required:

Follow our instructions below to embed your bookings calendar on your Facebook page

  • So that you can identify which of your bookings have come from Facebook we recommend you create a web portal agent for Facebook. Links to instructions below:

Create web portal agent – accommodation (single property)

Create web portal agent – accommodation (multi property), tours or wholesale

  • Login to your Facebook account.

  • In a new tab (same browser session):

Use this link to install an iframe app on to your Facebook page.

  • Click Create HTML Tab

  • Under Static Tabs, select +Create a New Tab > HTML Fangate Tab

  • Under Page Source, it will say 'Enter the HTML for your page'. This is where you paste the iFrame code for your Website Bookings Template generated in iBex. Follow these instructions if you don't know how to generate your code.

If you created a new agent for Facebook, after clicking Generate Code, you will be able to select this agent from the Sales Channel / Agent drop down box. Once selected, click 'Show iFrame Code'. Copy this code and paste it into the Page Source field (back in Woobox - HTML Fangate Tab), and click Save Settings  

  • You should now be able to click View Facebook Tab at the top of the left column. This will take you to the new availability calendar on your Facebook Page.

The Tab may be titled 'Welcome' - in order to change this, go to Settings > Edit Page. Click Settings next to the 'Welcome' tab, and then Edit Settings. Next to  Custom Tab Name, you can now enter a new title, such as 'Book Online'. Click Save > OK > Save. Here you can also change the order of your tabs by dragging them.

When you return to your page (click Page in top left corner), you can now see your updated tab settings.