Whenever you or a customer makes a booking or an enquiry, their details are automatically saved in your database (as long as a minimum of 2 required fields are completed in the booking whether their name, email, telephone number, mobile or address). The client's database will then be attached to any future booking or enquiry made by the customer as long as 2 of these fields match.

You can manually add and amend a customer in your database at anytime.


Select New Customer in the Customer, Companies & Agents section of the menu

Complete the fields as required, add in any notes or alerts needed (you can also link them to a company, any settings for that company will be applied to that customer such as special rates, terms, etc) and then click Save. This will add your new customer to the database. 


When in the Search Database section, by clicking on filter, you can narrow down the search with a variety of options: 

Once you've searched for a customer you can click on their name and it will bring up their details, previous bookings, payments and invoices all in one place, just use the tabs to move through the different screens.