FBS Secure Agent Login User Guide


The secure agent login enhancement will allow agents to book through your front booking screens.
This new functionality will now allow you to require a more secure validation from the agents/companies/sales channels to access your booking screens and any discounts which may be applied.

Backend Setup

Agents, Companies and Sales Channels now have a new ‘Validation Required’ option to control how secure the login needs to be.

The operator can choose which validation level is required, there are three to choose from, it can be set in the “Rules” section on each agent/company/sales channel details tab:

The chosen validation determines how the front booking screen will validate anyone attempting to use this particular agent/company/sales channel.

These validation methods only cover the front booking screens. Backend bookings, channel bookings or external PMS bookings are not covered.

The validation options are:

  • None- Standard behaviour present. Only the username/code is required.- Anyone knowing the code/name can use it on the front booking screens.
  • Code Required- Username / code and an additional code is required (Code is set by the operator)

    - It’s similar to a password.- The purpose here is for a simple temporary validator against an agent/company/sales channel without granting full login access.It can be used in Grab One campaigns to offer a discount to those who know the agent code.
  • User Login- Username / code and an additional iBex username and password is required (Username and password is set by the operator).- This is where a staff / user account inside iBex is associated with the agent/company/sales channel.

    - This is the most secure method as it uses the iBex password system which also allows for limited backend access.

    - It’s designed for operators who wish to give some basic backend access and validated front booking screen access.

    - When booked, the user who signed in will be recorded against the booking.

Template Option

  • There is a new section added into the “Advanced Filters” tab on the front booking screen templates.- You can enter your own personal message/instructions to the agents.

    - You will have the option to either display the agent login link or not by selecting or deselecting the “Display agent login link?” tick box.


Front Booking Screen


  • Legacy front booking screens will only support the “None” option.

  • The Legacy front booking screens will be updated to prevent using any agent marked with the “Code Required” or “User Login” validation requirements.

New Front Booking Screen

  • The agent login box will be hidden behind a small login link in the corner

    - This is so we do not distract regular users by a possible text box they may try to fill out / get confused over.

    - When clicked it will bring up a modal window requesting the agent to login:

  • Once the username/agent id is known, it will then check to see if a validation is required before continuing.

    In this screenshot the ‘isite’ has been set to ‘code required’, they must enter
    their given code to proceed with the booking screen

    Once successfully logged in the “Agent Login” will be updated to that of the agent/company/sales channel name:

  • Agents can only login on the first page of the booking process.

    - Because rates/availability can change based on the selected agent, changing afterwards is not possible (instead the booking must be restarted).


  • Mobile works the same way, on the initial search screen an agent link will appear at the bottom of the screen.

    - After that, the process remains the same as desktop.