When you register an agent or sales channel in your account, you can register the percentage they charge you for your bookings. This commission will then be logged in your account as an extra.

iBex can automatically calculate the commission amount which can be deducted from the room value when you either add the commission to the booking or invoice them for any payments (PMS accounts only).

In order for the commission to be deducted from the booking, it must be added to the booking as an extra charge (which would be a negative amount)so you must first register this extra in your account. You may want to set up different extras for different agents or commission amounts – this depends entirely on your reporting requirements. In the example instructions below, we will set up one extra for all agents commission.

Instructions to set up an extra for commission charges

  • Select New extra in the Extras section in the menu


If you do not have a category set up in which to assign this extra, click the Category link and click New to add a new category (eg Agents commission). Once saved, continue with setting up the extra.

  • Enter a Name (eg Agents Commission - see the tip below)

  • Enter a Short Name (eg Agents %)

  • Enter Tax Code

  • Ensure that the Charge Method is set as Each

  • In the Percentage Charge field, select Agent commission on total room value

  • Go down the screen to the Valid for User Group field and select which selling groups can use this extra

  • Click the Save button

Whatever you have used as the Short Name will be the extra that you select in the Commission Extras Code when registering the extra.

For more detailed information about extras in your account, please see the help documentation for extras.


The Name for this extra will be seen on any documentation that is provided to your guest.

You can override it when you’re adding the extra to the booking to something more appropriate (such as Booking Deposit) or name it accordingly here.