To setup the membership system, you need to select Membership Management from the Users & Clients  menu group as shown below:


This will then open up the Manage Membership screen:



Where you will need to enter the membership ID and your user ID. Both must be sourced from the administrator of the membership system:



Once both of these have been entered and the Save button clicked, the system will validate both codes and if valid, will create a partially completed screen as per the following example:



The membership is initially set to inactive (indicated by the X after the membership name at the top) and cannot be activated until some more fields are completed.  The grey fields represent un-editable data that has been brought across from the membership owner record.

The fields to be filled out are explained below:

Redeem Extra The extra that defines the benefit a member will have when they make a booking.  The extra must be a discount type extra and will only list extras for selection that are set to a discount type.  This must be entered before the membership can be activated. See registering redeem discount extra as previously mentioned.
Can Purchase With Booking Tick if the user who is not a member can purchase while making a booking.  This cannot be activated unless at least one purchase extra has been defined.  See above for more details on creating purchase extras.
Can Renew With Booking Tick if the user who is making a booking with an expired membership can renew while making a booking thereby allowing a discount on the booking. This cannot be activated unless at least one renewal extra has been defined.  See above for more details on creating renewal extras.

Whether you want to have your customers being able to purchase a card and/or renew an expired card when making a booking is entirely optional.  If you do, you will need to ensure two new extras are created.  One for the card purchase and the other for the card renewal. See registering purchase and renew extras as previously mentioned.

Note - you will need to get the values of these extras from the membership owner to ensure you are selling them for the correct price.

If you do set your system to sell and renew cards, you can expect monthly invoices from the membership  owner for the value of the membership and renewals less any agreed commission.

After selecting the appropriate extras, entering data in the prompt fields and activating the membership  (Amend the Status from Inactive to Active), the screen will look as follows: