Below are instructions on how to increase your prices or minimum stay requirement (or both) for a weekend, an event or a Public Holiday such as Christmas.

If you want to change your price for consecutive weekends, you will need to make a Long Term price change.

If you want to change your minimum stay requirement as well as your price (or just the minimum stay requirement) for consecutive weekends, you will need to make a Long Term minimum stay change.

You can make changes to your prices and minimum stay requirements just for specific days by selecting the Short Term mode on the calendar.

This is best demonstrated in an example:

I want to increase my nightly prices by $30 per night for 24th, 25th and 26th December for all my standard nightly rates for all my room types. I also want to make the 25th December a minimum 2 night stay requirement so that it cannot be booked just for 1 night.


  1. Go to the Rates & Min Stays calendar screen or select the Price change - short term option in the Rates & Min stays section in the menu.

  2. If not selected, click on the Short Term button so that it is highlighted green.

  3. If the dates are not showing in the calendar, select the date in the mini calendar on the right hand side.

  4. To change the price, click the cell that represents the price that you want to change and replace the existing price with the new price.

  5. To change the minimum stay requirement, click on the cell that represents the existing price and remove the value entered. Then, click on the cell that represents the new minimum stay requirement and enter the price as required.

  6. Once you have entered the new prices, click the Save button.

iBex will then confirm that the rates have been updated.

If you select the Long Term option and click the Refresh button, you will see that the new prices and/or the minimum stay requirement has been updated on the calendar.

Video Instructions