If a rate has multiple night stay prices, you can easily remove them if they are no longer required. Instructions are provided below on how to remove a minimum stay period.

For example, you may no longer want to offer a discounted 2 night minimum stay price (or it's now expired).

It is recommended that you check the pricing summary of the rate before deleting any minimum stay requirement as this will confirm to you that there are no future dates where it may have been set previously. If you find that the minimum stay requirement is still valid, you may just need to remove prices.

To check:
  1. From the Rates & Min Stays calender, click on the rate name that you want to check the pricing summary for.

  2. Go into the Pricing tab and use the filters to filter the rates displayed in the pricing summary table so that you can check when the rates are valid for.


        1. Hover over the number that represents the night stay rate in the iBex rate name cell that you want to delete the minimum stay rate from (as shown below).

        2. A Hover tip will appear with an option to Delete Min Stay or Add New Min Stay.


        3. Ensure that the Min Stay advised in the pop up is the one that you want to delete.

        4. Click on the Delete Min Stay option.

        5. iBex will ask if you to confirm the deletion.

        6. Click the Confirm & Delete button.

iBex will then advise that it has been deleted and the calendar will refresh with it removed.

Video Instructions