To delete a rate, you first need to disable it (which is a safety feature to ensure no rate is accidentally deleted). Once disabled, you can delete a rate.

When you delete a rate, it will be removed from your iBex system so that it will not be bookable on your booking screen or on any sales channel website that may be using that rate.

Any past bookings attached to that rate will remain as-is (since they're historical), but any current or future bookings will require you to select a new rate the next time you try to save their booking as the rate that was booked will no longer exist.

When you update these bookings, the suggested rate will change as you will be changing the rate to a new different rate. This will not affect the actual rate in the booking unless you manually change the value.

Some Useful Tips:
  • If you think you may use the rate again next year or in the future, follow the instructions below and just disable it rather than deleting it all together.
  • If you want to delete the rate just from particular selling groups, you will need to re-map the rate accordingly instead of making it inactive.
  • If you want to delete the rate from a certain sales channel that is connected through the channel manager, you can update the settings in the channel manager for that sales channel.


    1. Select the Search Rates option (in the Rates section in the menu).


    2. Click on the ID of the rate that you want to disable/delete.



    3. Go into the Details tab.


    4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Disable button.


    5. iBex will then confirm to you if you want to disable the rate.


    6. Select Disable Rate if required (see note below).

iBex will confirm that the rate has been disabled so if you want to re-use in the future, you will need to click the Enable button (which is at the bottom of the screen) and then remap your room types and selling groups and then enter a value.

  • If you wish to Delete the rate from the system, scroll to the bottom and click the Delete button.

  • iBex will confirm if you want to Delete the rate.

  • Click the Delete button if required.

iBex will refresh the screen to your rates list with the deleted rate now no longer shown.

Once a rate is disabled, the iBex Channel Manager will automatically send an update to all sales channels removing any values and availability for this rate so that it is not bookable.