You can set, change or remove any prices in any specific rate's pricing tab as well as on the main Rates & Min Stays calendar screen. When setting up a new rate, you will set the prices in the Pricing tab as this will be the final step in the process.

There are some additional features in the Pricing tab allowing you to not only set the prices but to also view a full summary of any pricing set for the rate selected, switch to another rate, and see the rate on your public booking screen with a click of a button.

You can set the prices and minimum stay requirements in the calendar section just as you would on the Rates & Min Stays calendar screen - please refer to the help options in the menu on the left.

Below is more information about the Pricing Summary section and some helpful tips about some of the options on the screen.

Whenever you have created a new rate or made any changes, you can also select the My Booking Screen option in the Actions section (just below the mini calendar). This will open your public booking screen in a new tab enabling you to check how the rate is presented to your customers and whether or not you need to make any changes to it.


If you need to work on another rate, use the 'Jump To:' option (top right of the screen) and select the rate or go back to the Rates & Min stays calendar screen by selecting Open Rates Calendar in the Actions section.

The Pricing Summary provides you with a table showing you all relevant pricing for the rate selected with any filters applied (if any). This enables you to view all valid pricing enabling you to manage the rates accordingly.


As you can see, the pricing summary is displayed in date order (starting from today). You can switch the order that they are displayed by clicking on the column name (such as 'From' or 'To'). You can also see who made the last change and when it was updated.

To reduce the number of pricing displayed, use the filters for specific minimum stay requirements, date range, or selling group.
To amend any of the pricing, you must make the changes in the calendar (either above the Pricing Summary or on the Rates & Min Stays calendar screen).