If you have any extras registered in your account, you can manage their pricing on the Extras Rates Calendar Screen in the Extras Rates tab.

Depending on how the extra has been set up and the charge method applied (for example if it's set up as a per person price or a percentage based extra), would determine if the extra is showing on this screen. If it isn't, you will need to go into your extras (in the Maintain extras option in the menu) to amend any settings or rate rules applied.

To change the prices for an extra uses the same principles as updating your rates except that you do not have a Short Term option or the option to set different prices for different days of the week.

Instead of there being a Unit Filter option to limit the extras displayed on screen, there is a Category Filter so that you can display only the extras within that category (for example, Food & beverage, Tours, etc) allowing you to manage the extras with ease.



As with rates, simply click on a cell to update the price of your extra and a pop up will appear where you can change the price or change the minimum period that the extra can be booked for by activating the Change Min Period option.

Depending on what you want to do would determine what you would do from here. Since changing the price or min stay (or clearing the price for a date range) works the same as updating your unit prices, please refer to the help documents below.

Alternatively, please select one of the other options in the menu on the left hand side.