You are able to close the property to arrivals and/or departures on certain days but still allow your guests to book if their stay arrives earlier and leaves later than the closed dates. This can be useful for days such as Christmas Day or if you're away for a day.


    1. Select Manage Property from the Property section in the menu.


    2. Scroll down and select the Manage Closures link.


    3. A pop up screen will appear which will display any previous set closed periods.


    4. Add any new dates to be closed in the New Closed Period section:
        - Property closure can be set for: arrivals; departures; or both as desired.


    5. Click the Add New Closure button.

To test that it has been set correctly, go to your public booking screen on your website and try to book a stay that arrives or departs on that date and a stay that only includes that date. 

This function is only set on your own public booking screen and Expedia and’s websites. Any other online sales channels that are connected to your iBex Channel manager will not follow this setting as their systems do not understand what it means. To avoid getting bookings from online sales channels for a specific date we would recommend to either:

  • Set the property to be On Request for that date - This would mean that customers could only make online booking requests through your iBex booking screen on your own website. You can then either confirm or reject the booking as you feel necessary, or

  • Remove any rate values for that date - The downside of this is that you would receive no bookings for that date, even if their arrival or departure was on a different date.