PMS users only

Moving a booking from one room to another is easy with our Drag & Drop functionality. You can also change the length of stay by clicking on the outer edges of the booking and dragging it.

Some important notes about moving bookings:
  1. If the guest is already checked in and you are either moving the guest to another room or changing their length or stay, you may need to manually update the room servicing schedule for that booking as iBex will automatically update the servicing to be for the new room.

    This is only necessary if you still want the servicing to apply to the original room.

  2. Any booking that is changing dates or length of stay which has been made through an online sales channel must be amended at the booking source.
    If it is amended within iBex directly, it will be overridden by any update that the sales channel sends to your iBex account (so revert back to the original booking details).

    Tip - If you want to avoid paying commission charges for the additional nights, just add the additional nights required as a new booking and add a note in both so that staff are aware that it is a continuous stay.

  3. If you are moving the booking to a different room type, iBex does not automatically update the pricing so if you are charging a different amount you will need to manually amend any price changes.

Moving Rooms

    1. Find the booking on the Bookings Calendar.


    2. Hover over the booking and when you see a hand, grab it with your mouse by left clicking.


    3. With the click still held, move the booking to where you want it, then release.


    4. iBex will then ask you if you want to Confirm or Reject the change.


    5. Select Confirm and iBex will refresh and confirm that the booking has been updated.

Some useful tips:
  • Once you have moved a booking to another room or amend the dates using the drag & drop method, you can always click on the booking to go into the booking details and amend other details about the booking.

    For example, amend the price you're charging for the room (as it'll have the same amount as was originally booked), add a payment, an extra, check-in, etc.

  • If you want to change the arrival date of their stay, you can create more date options before the booking on the calendar by clicking on an earlier date in the mini calendar on the right hand side of your screen.

    Your calendar will then refresh with the date you clicked on as the first date shown on your calendar.

  • If you are trying to move the booking to a unit that the booking summary pop up has covered, grab the booking and move it around the outside of the pop up and and the pop up will disappear.

Changing Dates

    1. Find the booking on the Bookings Calendar.


    2. Hover your mouse over the beginning or end of the booking until a 2 way arrow appears.


    3. Click on it, and with the click still held, drag to the new date and release when required.


    4. iBex will again ask you if you want to Confirm or Reject the change.


    5. Select Confirm and iBex will refresh and confirm that the booking has been updated.

Video Instructions