Up until now mandatory fields have only been applicable when a guest is making an online booking, in iBex you are now able to set mandatory fields for admin bookings. The rules apply globally in the account for every property.

If a field is nominated as required, a booking cannot be created or edited without it.  All staff users will need to comply with the mandatory fields.

TIP: Only the master account can set the Mandatory Configuration settings for your iBex account.


  1. Login to iBex as the master operator.

  2. Go to Account > Booking Fields Config.

  3. Choose which fields are required when a staff member creates or edits a booking by ticking the check boxes. You can also choose how your room name is saved when you create a booking.

  4. Click Save.

Admin Booking Behaviour

Screen Options

Individual users can choose which fields show up on the booking screen when they create a quick new booking.
They can set their fields by selecting the button on the Bookings Calendar screen, which will open up the ‘Screen Options’ pop up screen. From here they can select and/or deselect which fields will appear when making a Quick New Booking.

Note: The user is able to ‘Deselect’ any of these fields on the options page but the global mandatory field option will override the individual settings, users will be unable to remove any mandatory booking field for their own display when it comes to making a booking (as shown in the blue square above, these are mandatory and cannot be unchecked).

New Bookings (Quick & Full)

The ‘Quick New Booking’ and 'New Full Booking' screen tests the mandatory fields set against the account when the ‘Book’ button is selected. When a mandatory field has not been meet the Booking screen will take you to the Lead Guest tab (if you are not already on it), it will be highlighted red and display a message stating the booking cannot be completed and to check the booking details. The text boxes will appear red if you have not filled out a required field. If you hover over the text box, a message will display details of what is required. The booking is not able to proceed until you have completed all required fields.

Existing Bookings

Existing booking screens will test the mandatory fields set against the account when information on the ‘Lead Guest’ tab has been edited and the button has been selected.

If a mandatory field has not been met, the text box will appear red. If you hover over the text box a message will display details of what is required. Lead Guest information will not be able to be saved until these mandatory fields have been filled out.


Exclude a Unit From Sale

If the comments field is set to mandatory, staff users are required to enter at least 1 character into the comments field when excluding a unit.