PMS users only - This functionality needs to activated in your account so please contact your support team if required.

The room servicing schedule for a booking is determined by the room servicing settings for the room type that the room belongs to. Any schedule set for a room will be found on the room servicing daily report.

There may be times when you need to manually amend the schedule (due to a spillage, breakages, etc)which once amended, will automatically update the room service report as necessary.

If you move a checked in booking from one room to another, you may need to manually update the room servicing for the booking as iBex will automatically update the room servicing schedule to the new room resulting in the room servicing report being incorrect or incomplete if the original room still needs to be serviced for any reason.


  1. Go into the booking.

  2. Go to the Check In/Out tab.

  3. Select the Edit option in the Room Servicing field.

  4. To delete a specific service, tick the Del option at the end of the necessary line and Save.

  5. To delete the full schedule, click the blue Delete button.

  6. To add an additional service into the schedule, click Add.
    Tip - If you have moved a guest to a different room and deleted the original room service schedule, just click the Save button twice and the new room's servicing will be scheduled.

  7. To add any comments (which will show on the Room Servicing report), click the Edit option on the right hand side of the particular schedule, add the comment and Save.