Some companies, agents, and sales channels prefer to be invoiced at the end of the month for all bookings raised within that month rather than receiving an invoice for each booking.

If a company, agent, or sales channel wants this as an option you need to first set it in their settings in the Rules section of the Details tab in their database (in the Search sales channels or Search companies option in the menu). To enable this option you need to select 'Payment or Credit Via Invoice' or 'Credit Only Via Invoice' under Credit Options.

Once the Multi-booking Invoice setting is saved, you will be able to create an invoice for multiple bookings.


  1. Go into the booking and create an invoice as you normally would

  2. Once you have selected the items to invoice, select the Create Invoice button

  3. iBex will then search any open invoices for the company or sales channel that have not been issued or closed

  4. If it does not find one, it will create a new invoice as normal

  5. If it does find one then it will ask you if you want to add the items that you have selected to be added to the current invoice as shown below


Our example displays invoice number 2006. As you can see, it has one item from a previous booking already saved to the invoice and advises you of the new items that you have selected to add to the invoice.

  • If you click Save, then these items will be added to the invoice.

  • If you click New, then it will create a new invoice for just these items.
    If the company or sales channel has the multi invoice option set in their database, this process will be followed even if you do not intend to invoice the company or sales channel as iBex will always autofill them as who the invoice is for. If you wanted to invoice these items to the guest and not the company or sales channel, simply click New and then select the guest and a new invoice will be created for the guest.

  • Once you have added all the bookings to the invoice, you will need to Issue or Close the invoice so that iBex does not ask you if you want to add any new bookings to it.
    This is done by clicking the Issue or Close button as shown below.
    Clicking the Issue button will have the same effect as clicking Close. The purpose of the Issue button is to allow you to send invoices by email and the issue status is to indicate that you have done this (which you will see in the Email Log). Issuing an invoice will automatically close it so no new items can be added to that invoice.



If the invoice has been closed or issued but is incorrect and needs amending, it can be re-opened or un-issued and the buttons will change to allow this.