Create a regular scheduled invoice

You would create a regular periodic invoice for a long term stay where it would be impractical to wait until checkout before raising an invoice.

The threshold as to when you are offered a periodic invoice is set in the Account Details page, under Booking Long Term Threshold.

Any bookings shorter than this number of nights will be invoiced as usual. Any bookings over this number of nights will default to be invoiced weekly in advance as set in the settings.


Go into the booking and create an invoice as you normally would. You will see that iBex has automatically set the Invoice Frequency to Weekly and the item to be added to the invoice is for exactly 1 week.

 Once you click Create Invoice, iBex will create the invoice draft so that you can Save it.

Save it and then click the Back button to take you back to the create invoice screen. You will notice that iBex has automatically added the next week as a new item ready to be added to the current invoice or to it's own new invoice.

If we opted for monthly in advance in the Finance settings and the booking arrives mid-month, then the display changes as follows.

As you can see, the first entry of a monthly invoice is a part month which aligns it with the start of the next month (so is only 15 nights as shown above). For any subsequent invoice, the invoice period will be whole months until the last entry which again will most likely be a part month.

The duration on the invoice above states 15 nights. If we were charging a weekly or monthly rate (instead of a nightly rate) then the duration period would show accordingly (ie 2.14 weeks or 0.5 months).


You can change the invoice frequency partway through the invoicing period but once the first invoice is created, you cannot edit the booking with the exception of the checkout date which could be reduced or increased. All other fields that affect the value of the booking will be locked to ensure integrity between the invoice balance and the booking balance – including extras if applicable.