You would create a casual invoice when you wish to raise an invoice for item(s) which are not associated with a booking (ie. a non booking extra sale).

Examples being a friend of a guest wishing to purchase flowers or wine for them, a passer by filling their gas bottle, etc.

In most instances you can simply add the payment to the non booking extra sale and provide a booking receipt (by clicking the Receipt button) and/or a Payment receipt (by clicking the receipt button on the payments screen) as this will provide the customer with full details of the product they have purchased as well as your tax number.


  1. From the Extras menu, select New Non Booking Extra Sale

  2. If the sale is to an existing company or agent select them from the Company/Agent selection field at the top left of the screen.

  3. If the sale is to an existing customer select them via the Find Customer link at the top right of the screen.

  4. At the Extras Items list (bottom of screen) tick required item.

  5. Selected item will display at top of Extras Items list.

  6. Edit Title, Date, Quantity and Actual Rate fields as required.

  7. Click Save button.

  8. If you wish to add further items click Add button and repeat steps 4 to 6.

  9. Click Invoice button.

  10. Create Invoice Screen will be displayed.

  11. Make sure the items you wish to appear on the invoice are ticked.

  12. Click Create Invoice button.

  13. Update any address and comments fields as required and click Save button.

  14. To preview/print the invoice before or after issue click the View/Print button.

  15. To Close and optionally email the invoice click the Issue button. At the popup window again click the Issue button.
    If you do not wish to email the invoice remove the email address at the popup window before clicking the Issue button.