You can export information from your iBex account whenever you see an Export button on screen. All information exported will be in CSV file format as most spreadsheet and database systems support this format.

Any results from any searches or filters that you may have used will be included in the information exported.

Tip - All reports can be printed by using the print facility of your browser:
  • For Chrome, right-click your mouse anywhere in the body of the report and a menu will display giving you the option to print,
  • For Firefox, use the Ctrl + P keys on your computer and the print dialogue will show.


  1. Select the Export button.

  2. If offered, select the information you wish to export.

  3. Click Export.

  4. You can try opening the information before saving (if necessary).

  5. A pop up may appear asking you if OK to export - select OK.

  6. The information will be provided in a spreadsheet.

If you want to use any information from a column (for example, all email address), just select that column and then copy and paste the email addresses to your email bcc field in your email programme.