PMS users only

One of the limitations of a cloud based system is that it is dependent on the availability of the internet to access your data. Although rare, internet outages do happen. Mostly it is a problem with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) (eg. Telstra, Orcon, Slingshot, etc) but it could be for other reasons.

There are 2 precautions you can take to minimise the effects of an internet outage on the operation of iBex.

Option 1
The first is to have a backup connection through another provider as it is highly unlikely that two ISP's will suffer a problem at the same time.

Three options for a secondary internet connection are:
  1. If you provide internet access to your guests (whether paid or unpaid) and it is provided through a different ISP to the one your reception uses, just log into that.

  2. Purchase a mobile USB modem (dongle, data stick) from a mobile phone provider and simply plug it into your USB port on your computer.

  3. If you have a smartphone with a data plan through your mobile phone provider, you can make your phone a portable Wi-Fi hotspot so your computer can connect to the internet through your phone.

    You must set mobile data as 'on'! Set up for this varies according to your phone but it is generally in Settings > Portable Wi-Fi hotspot > Configure Wi-Fi hotspot (and note your Network SSID and Password) > activate Portable Wi-Fi hotspot. 

    On your computer you can then look for your Network SSID and then connect to it by using your password. 

    For more instruction, see your mobile phone manual or contact your mobile phone provider.

Option 2

The second option (assuming you have a PC installed email client such as Outlook) is to activate an automatic backup of arrivals and departures.

This will send you an email at 11pm each night of the next day's arrivals and departures in two separate files. These files are easily opened and read by a spreadsheet and will give you sufficient information to tide you over until your internet service is restored.

Any bookings (whether new or amended) received after 11pm would not be shown on this list.


  1. Select Manage Property in the Settings > Property section in the menu

  2. Scroll down until you see a field labelled “Arrival/Departure Report Email To”

  3. Enter the email address

  4. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

TIP: More than 1 email address can be entered if separated by a semicolon and no spaces. See example in the screenshot above.