Registering for the service and connecting it to iBex

You will first need an account with DPS so please register your interest with DPS so that they contact you and offer you our partner preferred rates by completing this form.

Once you have opened your DPS account, you need to connect it to your iBex system so that whenever a customer makes a booking on your public booking screen or you want to take a payment, the DPS Payment screen will be displayed.

  • Select Payment Gateway (in the Interface section in your iBex menu)

  • Select Direct Payment Solutions in the Payment Provider drop down option

  • DPS will provide you with a User ID plus encryption keys (MAC and DES keys) which must be entered in the applicable fields

  • If you have registered for the PxPost Webservice, DPS will also provide you with a username and password which will also need to be entered (as shown below) ...

  • Once you have entered the details, click the Save Provider¬†button and click Enabled at the bottom.

  • Once you have enabled your account, it is recommended that you go to your public booking screen on your website so that you can see how it works for your customers.
    If you do not take a deposit for bookings then DPS can only be used within your iBex account and not for your public booking screen. Any credit card information from your direct online bookings will be stored in the Finance tab of the booking.To test if the DPS account is linked correctly (where you have no deposit requirement), please go into a booking in your iBex account and follow the Manual Payments instructions.

  • To make a test booking on your public booking screen, select a room to book, enter your details as if you were a customer, and then going to the payment stage.

  • On the payment screen, your customers are advised the deposit that is required and offered the link to DPS as shown below.

  • Once they click either the DPS link or logo, they can enter their credit card details so that the deposit is taken.

    If you enter your card details for your test, you will be charged accordingly so feel free not to continue further with the test from here.

  • Once the customer has entered their details and clicked the Submit button, DPS would verify the card and take the payment accordingly.

  • The customer would then receive confirmation of any payment taken.

  • They can then select Next (or close the DPS pop up) and they will see the confirmation of their booking.

  • The booking would then show in your iBex account with any monies taken shown in any of the Finance sections in the booking.

  • If the payment was declined the customer would be told so and would need to try again or use a different card.