For every payment transaction (this includes payment method authorizations, payments and refunds), iBex sends the transaction request to the payment gateway and the gateway replies back with a response code and response message (e.g. Insufficient Funds) indicating if the transaction was approved or declined. For failed payment gateway transactions through your Front Booking Screen, iBex will create a new CANCELLED booking and provide customer details and some important information on the Booking Notes (Private) field such as the payment gateway response message.

For the gateway response message 'Declined' a cancelled booking will be created only if this option has been enabled.

Select Public booking settings – common (in the Website feed section in the menu) and tick 'Cancel If Declined'.

Below is an example of a payment error:

A notification will be sent to the Operator if 'Cancel' emails have been enabled in auto email preferences. However, no emails sent to the customer.

It is important to review these failed payment transactions and follow up with either the customer or payment gateway provider to address the issue. Most errors are the result of the payment processing having been interrupted or the payment window being closed before completion. We recommend following up with the customer immediately to request an alternative or updated payment method (you can automate this process using email templates).

On rare occasions, there may be errors with the gateway connection itself, in which case you should contact the payment gateway and Seekom support for assistance.