Map Units to Phone Extensions

PMS users only - Phone billing must be first activated within your account so please contact support to activate it for you.

Set the extension number to each unit

  1. Log into your iBex account.

  2. Select Search/maintain Unit (under the Property Maintenance heading in the menu bar).

  3. You need to add the extension numbers to each room.

  4. To do this click on the unit ID and this will allow you to modify the details in the box above.

  5. In the Phone Extension Number field in the Details tab - enter the number and then click SAVE.

  6. Repeat for all units (remember to click SAVE).

Add an extra so that Phone Control can automatically add the call details and cost to the guests room

  1. If you do not have a category in which to log the phone charges under, add a new category.

  2. In the Extra's section in the menu bar, select New.

  3. Enter Phone calls as the Name of the extra and Phone as the Short name.

  4. Select the category that you want the extra to belong to.

  5. Ensure that Phone Calls is selected as the Pre-defined type.

  6. Ignore other fields except Tax Code (set at your tax rate), Charge Method (ensure on Each), Status (ensure Active) and then click SAVE.

  7. Once saved and the screen has refreshed, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Create New Rate Period (bottom right of the page).

  8. Set dates from today and tick box to set for indefinite valid to.

  9. Ensure Rate 1 is set at 0.00

  10. Click SAVE.

Once Phone Control has been installed, any calls that your guests make on the room phone will automatically be registered to their account (as long as they are checked in) and logged as an extra.

You will see all calls are logged in the Phone Log report (in the Reports section in the menu).