Set Up HTS Gate Control

Contact support to activate Gate Control in your account.

Once activated, you need to enable it in your account in the Maintain property details screen by selecting Enabled and clicking Save (see image below).

The Gate Card Charge Code (below the enabled status set up above) is only relevant for card based operations where a bond may be required for the card at check in which is then refunded when the card is returned. It does not need to be used for PIN based setups.

In order for the bond (and a refund) to be logged for each card provided to a guest, you must set up an extra so that when the card is given to your guest, iBex will automatically add the bond as an extra to their booking and automatically remove it from the booking at check out (unless set not to due to the card being lost, etc). You will need to register the extra in your system (maybe calling it 'GateBond'), ensuring that you select the Pre-defined type as Gate Access and the charge method as Each and set the price accordingly.

Once you have set up the extra, you must then set the extra as the Gate Card Charge Code as shown in the screen image above.