iBex FBS & Google Analytics Integration

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  • Register with Google Analytics
  • Create a Google Analytics tracking project and note down your ID (eg UA-12345689-1)
  • Note down if you’re using Universal or Legacy.
  • Log into iBex and create a new booking screen template (if you don’t have one already)

The Legacy Analytics product being phased out by Google. If possible upgrade to Universal.

Install Google Analytics On Your Own Website

On your own website follow Google’s instructions to install Analytics. You must have GA running before following the rest of these steps otherwise iBex may not load.

iBex Booking Template Setup

  1. Log into your iBex account

  2. Go to Website Feed -> Search Maintain Booking Screens

  3. Open your existing booking template

  4. Open the Custom Scripts tab

  5. Scroll to the Script / Tracking Code section

  6. In the Google Analytics ID field enter your tracking code

  7. If you want to track purchases specifically, tick the Ecommerce Tracking checkbox

  8. If you’re using Universal Google Analytics instead of Legacy, tick the Use Universal Tracking checkbox

  9. Click the Save Desktop Template button

  10. At the top of the page select Mobile Template option

  11. Repeat the above steps to include your tracking code for mobile devices

iBex iFrame Install Code

  1. Return to the Website Bookings -> Website Booking Templates

  2. Find the template just edited and click the Generate Code button

  3. Click the Show iFrame Code button and copy the code

  4. Paste the code on your website


What Changed?

By enabling Google Analytics, the iFrame install code changed slightly. You can copy/paste the code as is, or you can add the following to your website (before the iBex code).


For Universal

var ibexGoogleTracking = 1;


For Legacy

var ibexGoogleTracking = 2;


This variable tells the iFrame code to listen for Google Analytics on your website and carry across visitor session details. We achieve this by delaying the iFrame load and asking Google to load it instead.