If you have an account set up with Hostelworld, you can connect it to your iBex Channel Manager so that any rates and room availability are automatically updated by your iBex system. In return, any bookings made at Hostelworld will also be automatically updated in your iBex system.

Hostelworld supplies a number of affiliate websites including:

  • Hostelbookers

  • Hostels.com

PMS users

All Bookings will automatically be allocated a unit in accordance with the sell order that you have set your units and will show on your Bookings Calendar.

Click here for more information on listing with Hostelworld

If you’re not already signed up with Hostelworld, please click here and complete the details required. They will get back in touch.

Please read the important notes (bottom of page) about interface limitations.

Set up the connection yourself FREE OF CHARGE using our self help instructions below.

Note:  If you would like Seekom support to make the connection for you, a charge of $110 per hour (+tax) will apply with a minimum charge of $50 (+tax).

There are 3 steps to create your property account at Hostelworld: 


  1. The property will have to form a relationship with Hostelworld by signing up in the Property Sign Up url – click here.

  2. Hostelworld will provide the property id which will be required for the connection.

  3. Once rooms are created at Hostelworld and ready for updates, an email containing the Hostelworld property id needs to be sent.

Hostelworld must turn on the connection to your iBex Channel Manager in your Hostelworld account for you.

  1. Once activation confirmation has been received, the room and rate mapping in iBex can be done. If activation is not done first, you will get an error when you save the interface with the property id.

  2. Mapping in iBex is quite straightforward.

Log in to your iBex account – click here
Click on Add a Sales Channel in the iBex menu. At the pop up window titled ‘New Sales Channel’ click the button Register Available Sales Channel

Click on the green Plus symbol for the Hostelworld sales channel.

Choose the selling group for the rates you wish to send to the Hostelworld and click Register Sales Channel.

Click on the Channel Mapping tab for the sales channel:
  • enter the Hostelworld Property ID
  • Un-tick “Enable Old Version”
  • Enter a Rack Rate value
  • Click ‘Save’ button (at bottom of screen)

The channel connection will refresh with a Table where you can complete the iBex room/rate mappings.
Complete each room rate mapping row as follows:

Channel Room Name – select as required (this is the room type name at Hostelworld)
iBex rate Name – select as required
Channel Rate Name – select as required.(this is the rate name at Hostelworld).

Click ‘+’ to map any iBex room type/ iBex rate type to further room and rates types at hostelworld – see image below for an example where the Standard Double has been connected to multiple rate types at Hostelworld


 Click on the Save button and then Save & Update Channel button.
Wait a few minutes and then click on View Log button.

TIP - If the Remotes Service Log Viewer indicates queued updates are pending, wait a further few minutes and click the Refresh button.

If you have performed the connection successfully you will see OK messages for inventory and rates uploaded. See example below:

  1. There are two type of rooms at Hostelworld,

    1. Private – rooms always sold at max pax on their site and will contain 1 bed or more. (Room name will be prefixed with the letter P in iBex)

    2. Dorm – each bed in a room is sold separately. (Room name will be prefixed with the letter D in iBex). Please note that dorm beds should always have a maximum occupancy of 1 person in the iBex rate and room type as only 1 person can be accommodated in a dorm bed.

  2. Max pax gross rates (inc tax and commission) are sent for both room types.

  3. The interface doesn’t send extra pax or child rates.

  4. When a guests books on Hostelworld website, they are required to pay a deposit which instantly goes to Hostelworld. The balance is paid when the guests check into the property. The interface will place this in the private booking notes.

  5. The interface pulls in new bookings and cancellations from Hostelworld.

  6. The interface updates Hostelworld up to 3 year into the future.

  7. Please click here for instructions on how to set up minimum stays at Hostelworld.

  8. Hostelworld doesn’t send credit card to iBex. Credit card details can be found in the bookings details in Hostelworlds extranet.

  9. Once a Hostelworld account has been activated for Channel Manager updates, manual changes in their extranet are not allowed.

  10. If a property is using Hostelworld’s Backpack Online as their PMS, their availability and prices can’t be updated by channel managers. They will to contact Hotelworld’s support to switch to Hostelworld’s Inbox extranet to accept updates.