If you have an account set up with MyBookings (Entertainment Book), you can connect it to your iBex Channel Manager so that any rates and room availability are automatically updated by your iBex system. In return, any bookings made at MyBookings will also be automatically updated in your iBex system.

PMS users

All Bookings will automatically be allocated a unit in accordance with what order you have set your units to be allocated to and will show on your Bookings Calendar.

Click here for more information on listing with MyBookings

Please read the important notes (bottom of page) about interface limitations.

Set up the connection yourself FREE OF CHARGE using our self help instructions below.

Note: If you would like Seekom support to make the connection for you, a charge of $110 per hour (+tax) will apply with a minimum charge of $50 (+tax).


Connection Instructions

There are 2 steps to connect your iBex account with My Bookings (Entertainment Book)

  1. Sign up for the connection directly with My Bookings

  2. Register My Bookings in your iBex Channel Manager account and set which rates and availability should be sent to them (illustrated from Step 7 below).

The property will have to form a relationship with MyBookings and obtain the credentials below.
  • Username
  • Password
The property, room and rate details have to be created and set up in MyBookings’ extranet before the connection in iBex can be done. The status of each room has to be set to live so that they will appear in the mapping page in iBex.
The Standard Occupancy and Additional Occupancy of each room in MyBookings have to be set to match iBex.

MyBookings only displays base rates for rooms and bookings so iBex is set to send base rate to rooms / rates in MyBookings. Properties will need to state the rate for extra pax on their listing in their MyBooking site.
Once the rooms and rates in the extranet have been set up, mapping in iBex can be done.  
Room and rate mappings are straight forward, no multiple rate is accepted.
Login to your iBex account – click here
From left menu select Sales Channels > Add a sales Channel
At the pop up window titled ‘New Sales Channel’ click the button Register Available Sales Channel
Enter ‘MyBookings’ into the search field at top right of window and press enter on your keyboard.
Matching results will be displayed – see example screen image below.

Click the green plus icon adjacent to MyBookings (see above example).

Optionally update General section fields as required. Notes are private.
Refer sample example screen image below.

At Rules section:

  • select what Selling Group you want MyBookings to be registered to (click here for more information about selling groups)
  • select the Rate Modifier that you want MyBookings to use – Rate 1 will typically be same as you sell at, other options will be a % increase or discount (click here for more information about Rate Modifiers).
  • PMS accounts only – set Multi-booking Invoice as required. No’ means you will send an invoice for each booking, ‘Yes’ means you can send multiple bookings on one invoice.
  • PMS accounts only – If you want to remove the amount charged by booking.com for any bookings received, set the Commission charged by booking.com.
  • PMS accounts only – In order for the commission amount be removed from the booking, it needs to be registered to the booking as an extra. Set the extra that the amount is logged to in the Commission Extras Code field. Note – if you have not an extra registered to your account, save the details and register the extra once you have set it up.

Refer example below:

Click Register Sales Channel button. You will progress to the Channel Mapping tab.
 Enter your email address at iBex Notification Emails To field.
 It is recommended that iBex Email on New Booking are set as follows:

  • Block Operator – not checked
  • Block Property – checked
  • Block Customer – checked

It is recommended that iBex Booking Email Rule is set to ‘Follow normal email rules’.
At Channel Operator ID enter user name as supplied by MyBookings.
At Channel Password enter password as supplied by MyBookings.
Set Min Stay Handling field as required (we recommend First Available).
This is really only relevant if you will be mapping a single room type from iBex to multiple room types at MyBookings (eg. for length of stay price variations, etc).
Set Allocation Handling field as required (we recommend Total per Room).
This is really only relevant if you will be mapping a single room type from iBex to multiple room types at MyBookings (eg. for length of stay price variations, etc).
Click Save button.
Room and rate mapping will now be set – refer sample screen image below.

Complete each room mapping row as follows:
Channel Room Name – select as required (this is the room type name at booking.com).
iBex Rate Name – select as required.
Click ‘+’ to map any iBex room type to further room types at MyBookings (eg. for differing minimum stays/rates – see notes at bottom of this page).
Click Save button.
Click Save & Update Channel button.
Wait a few minutes and click View Log button.
TIP - If the Remote Service Log Viewer indicates queued updates are pending, wait a further few minutes and click the ‘Refresh’ button. 

If you have performed the connection successfully you will see OK messages for inventory & rates uploaded.

See example below. 

Contact Fernando/MyBookings to put the connection live at their end – farias@entertainmentbook.com.au.

1.  Bookings are only for MyBookings (Entertainment Book) member. 

2.  View listing / booking screen on MyBookings displays the discounted / member rate (based on the Best Rate amount) 

3.  As Mybookings only displays base rate for rooms, property can specify additional charges for extra guest in the Extra Guests Charges field in the Listing Details page in MyBookings extranet. (See the below image) 

4. Property can login to their MyBookings (MBKS) extranet account as an admin to modify bookings but MBKS system will only trigger an update to send through to iBex if the modification involves the important fields (**booking check-in/out dates / arrival time / rooms / total cost**). The modified value of guest name / number of pax / comments will be sent through only if it is modified at the same time with one of the important fields or if one of the important fields is modified. 

5. Remember to contact MyBookings to put the property live at their end after completing setup the connection in iBex.

Additional Notes


MyBookings won’t charge member’s / guest’s credit card when a booking is created, member / guest pays for their booking upon their arrival at the hotel / motel. (Like Booking.com)

iBex send the Base Rate amount to MyBookings to         update the Best Rate amount.

The membership discount rate / Discount % off LRA is set as 10% as default on the Season Allotment page in MyBookings extranet.


When creating a new room in MyBookings extranet, save your room setting and then add the bedding configuration options, then change the room Status from Hidden to Live and save. Hotel with no bedding configuration will not go live.

iBex will process new, modified and cancelled bookings.

6 Administrator / Property can modify bookings by clicking on the booking on the Manage Booking page in MyBookings extranet. When iBex retrieves the bookings from MyBookings, it will pick up any modified bookings. However, if a booking has been cancelled already in iBex, iBex won’t do anything even if the property re-confirms the a booking from cancelled to confirmed in MyBookings again.

iBex only sends base rate (Best Rate) to Mybookings.

MyBookings View Listing displays AUD as default.

Inventory & rate updates are up to 365 days

10 Bonus offers in MyBookings will need to be set in MyBookings as iBex can only pull down the bonus offer details when pulling down reservations / bookings. The details of description and discount amount of the bonus offers will be entered to the bookings’ Other Info (Public) field in iBex system.


11 MyBookings issues invoice for commission monthly.