If you have a live account with reconline you can now automate availability, 

rates and bookings by interfacing/connecting your iBex account to reconline.

reconline updates the 4 major GDS's (Global Distribution Systems - namely Sabre, Amadeus, Gallileo and Worldspan) used by travel agents worldwide . Many travel portal websites also receive their inventory and book through their GDS system.

Click here for more information on listing with reconline.

If you do not have an existing account with reconline, their Licence and Service Agreement (which also states their current charges) and the Hotel setup form are in Step 1 of the connection instructions below.

Please read the important notes (bottom of page) about interface limitations.

Set up the connection yourself FREE OF CHARGE using our self help instructions below.

Note: If you would like Seekom support to make the connection for you, a charge of $110 per hour (+tax) will apply with a minimum charge of $50 (+tax).

Please note that you must complete step 1 in the connection instructions below before Seekom can make the connection for you.


Version 4

If you do not have an existing account with reconline please Look in the attachments at the bottom of the page to open their Licence and Service Agreement and then print, sign and fax it to +41 27 9663405.

You will also need to register your property with them so please look in the attachments at the bottom of the page to download and complete the Hotel Setup and Points of Interest documents in WORD format and email them to info@reconline.com You MUST also ask them to link your account to theiBex master account.

On receipt of login details from reconline proceed to step 2.

If you already have an account with reconline you must advise them you will be updating rates and availability via your iBex Channel Manager and request they send bookings to you by ‘Webservice Fetch‘.
Login to reconline at https://www.reconline.com/e/login.html
Click Hotel in left hand menu panel.
Note your hotel number as you will require this for step 16 below.
Login to your iBex account – click here
From left menu select Sales Channels > Add a sales Channel
At the pop up window titled ‘New Sales Channel’ click the button Register Available Sales Channel
Enter ‘reconline’ into the search field at top right of window and press enter on your keyboard.

Matching results will be displayed – see example screen image below.

Click the green plus icon adjacent to reconline (see above example).
Optionally update General section fields as required. Notes are private.

Refer sample example screen image below.

 At Rules section:

  • select required Selling Group (likely to be Agents)
  • select Rate Modifier (Rate 1 will typically be same as you sell at, other options will be a % increase or discount)
  • set Multi-booking Invoice as required (PMS accounts only. No means you will send an invoice for each booking, yes means you batch multiple bookings into an invoice)
  • set Commission charged by reconline (PMS accounts only. )
  • set Commission Extras Code (PMS accounts only. Likely to be Misc > Cmsn)

Refer example below:

Click Register Sales Channel button.

You will progress to the Channel Mapping tab.
 Enter your email address at iBex Notification Emails To field.
 It is recommended that iBex Email on New Booking are set as follows:

  • Block Operator – not checked
  • Block Property – checked
  • Block Customer – checked

It is recommended that iBex Booking Email Rule is set to ‘Do not send emails’.
At Channel Property ID enter your hotel number as obtained in step 4.
Set Min Stay Handling field as required (we recommend First Available).

This is really only relevant if you will be mapping a single room type from iBex to multiple room types at reconline (eg. for length of stay price variations, etc).
Set Allocation Handling field as required (we recommend Total per Room).

This is really only relevant if you will be mapping a single room type from iBex to multiple room types at reconline (eg. for length of stay price variations, etc).
It is recommended that Send Rates is set as ticked.
20Cancellation notice period is transmitted from iBex to Reconline. Set the number of days in the Cancellation Period field.
Click Save button.
22Room and rate mapping will now be set – refer sample screen image below.

23Complete each room mapping row as follows:

  • Channel Room Name – select as required (this is the room type name at reconline).
  • iBex Rate Name – select as required.
  • Channel Rate Name< – select as required (this is the rate name at reconline).

Click ‘+’ to map any iBex room type to further room types at reconline (eg. for differing minimum stays/rates – see notes at bottom of this page):
24Click Save button.
25Click Save & Update Channel button.
Wait a few minutes and click View Log button.
TIP - If the Remote Service Log Viewer indicates queued updates are pending, wait a further few minutes and click the ‘Refresh’ button

27If you have performed the connection successfully you will see OK messages for inventory & rates uploaded.

See example below.


11:22:44 RCO, reconlin, xxxxx, 1234: NotifyInventory([9796], 2012-10-21, 2012-11-21) 11:22:45 OK


11:22:44 RCO, reconlin, xxxxx, 1234: NotifyRates (25169], 2012-10-21, 2012-11-21) 11:22:45 OK

Email reconline (info@reconline.com) to advise successful upload of rates and availability.

Reconline require you to provide a minimum of 10 room units for sale.

You need to ensure base and maximum guest numbers in room type set up at reconline match settings in iBex.

If you require rates for specific agents these must first be setup at reconline (email
 info@reconline.com), then within iBex and mapped accordingly.

The interface doesn’t support additional breakfast options at the moment. The following meal plans are supported:

0 = no meals included
1 = continental breakfast
2 = buffet breakfast
3 = half board
4 = full board
5 = all inclusive

After any extensive modification of your rates/prices within iBex it is recommended you perform a full re-synch to reconline.
 Click here 
for instructions.