If you have an account set up with Tourism Exchange, you can connect it to your iBex Channel Manager so that any rates and room availability are automatically updated by your iBex system. In return, any bookings made through Tourism Exchange channels will also be automatically updated in your iBex system. Please note that this channel is for Australian, Indonesian and UK properties only.

PMS users

All Bookings will automatically be allocated a unit in accordance with what order you have set your units to be allocated to and will show on your Bookings Calendar.

Click on the relevant link for more information on listing with Tourism Exchange in your country

TXA (Australia)


TXI (Indonesia)

Please read the important notes (bottom of page) about interface limitations.

Note: If you would like Seekom support to make the connection for you, a charge of $110 per hour (+tax) will apply with a minimum charge of $50 (+tax).


The Tourism Exchange system pulls availability and prices from iBex on demand. However, bookings are made via Tourism Exchange and are sent to iBex like a standard channel.

Tourism Exchange supplies rates to various external parties called distributors and these can be channels like Agoda and Jetstar or destination sites. 

  • Tourism Exchange sends new bookings and cancellations.
  • The interface doesn’t re-sync availability and rates as Tourism Exchange will pull this on demand.
  • Tourism Exchnage pulls room and property details once a day.
  • You shouldn’t choose distributors in Tourism Exchange which you already have connected to iBex (like Booking.com, Agoda, etc).
  • Text filled in the Condition of Use and Booking Terms fields will be displayed to guest on the booking pages at Tourism Exchange.
  • There are two types of providers in Tourism Exchange, Unit Based (Accommodation, Non-Serviced Accommodation) and Passenger Based (Attractions, Events, Tours).
  • If any of the rooms in the mapping have Stop Sell ticked, the availability and rates for that room won’t be returned to Tourism Exchange.


Follow these steps to connect your iBex account with Tourism Exchange. 


  1. The property will sign up with Tourism Exchange by going to the Property Sign Up url above.
  2. Their sales team will assist the property with setting up and some basic property information into Tourism Exchange.
  3. Tourism Exchange will provide the short name/provider id which is required to set up the connection in iBex.
  4. The required property information fields have to be filled as Tourism Exchange will pull all this information from iBex once a day.

1Once you have an account set up with Tourism Exchange you can connect this to iBex by following these instructions.
2Login to your iBex account – click here
3From left menu select Sales Channels > Add a sales Channel
4At the pop up window titled ‘New Sales Channel’ click the button Register Available Sales Channel
5Enter ‘tourism exchange’ into the search field at top right of window and press enter on your keyboard.

Matching results will be displayed – see example screen image below.

Click the green plus symbol adjacent to Tourism Exchange.

6Optionally update General section fields as required. Notes are private.

Refer sample example screen image below.

7At Rules section:

  • select what Selling Group you want Tourism Exchange to be registered to (click here for more information about selling groups)
  • select the Rate Modifier that you want Tourism Exchange to use – Rate 1 will typically be same as you sell at, other options will be a % increase or discount (click here for more information about Rate Modifiers).
  • PMS accounts only – set Multi-booking Invoice as required. No’ means you will send an invoice for each booking, ‘Yes’ means you can send multiple bookings on one invoice.
  • PMS accounts only – If you want to remove the amount charged by Tourism Exchange for any bookings received, set the Commission charged by Tourism Exchange.
  • PMS accounts only – In order for the commission amount be removed from the booking, it needs to be registered to the booking as an extra. Set the extra that the amount is logged to in the Commission Extras Code field. Note – if you have not an extra registered to your account, save the details and register the extra once you have set it up.

Refer example below:

8Click Register Sales Channel button.

You will progress to the Channel Mapping tab.
9 Enter your email address at iBex Notification Emails To field.
10 It is recommended that iBex Email on New Booking are set as follows:

  • Block Operator – not checked
  • Block Property – checked
  • Block Customer – checked

11It is recommended that iBex Booking Email Rule is set to ‘Follow normal email rules’.
12At Channel Property ID enter property ID as supplied by Tourism Exchange.
 13Select your Region and the type of your property from Product Classification drop down selectors.
14Complete additional fields including Check in and Check out times, whether your property is Exempted From Tax, the Latitude/Longitude, Property Image URL.
15Text populated in the Condition of Use and Booking Terms fields will be displayed to guest on the booking pages at Tourism Exchange
16Click Save button.
17Room and rate mapping will now be set – refer sample screen image below.
18An example mapping is shown in the image below. The Channel Room Name is the mirror of the iBex Room Name so matching room names should be mapped.

Please note that all rates mapped should be in AUD dollars or GBP.

19Click Save button.
20Click Save & Update Channel button.