If you want to remove a rate from an online sales channel's website, you must first remove the availability for that rate so that it is not bookable in the future. This must be done from your iBex Channel Manager system as if you remove the rate from your sales channel account, iBex will continually attempt to update them with the rate and availability which will override any changes that you may have made directly in your sales channel account.

Only after this has been completed can you completely remove the rate from your sales channel account.

If you only want to stop updating the sales channel with rates and availability, the same instructions apply.

The sales channel may not allow you to delete the rate from your sales channel account if there are any current or future bookings in their system. You will need to diarise yourself to remove it once the last booking has checked out or been completed by the sales channel - please contact them directly for further information.


  1. Select the Search sales channels option in the Sales Channels section in the menu
  2. Click on the sales channel ID that you no longer want to use the rate
  3. Go into the Channel Mapping tab
  4. In the mapping table, tick the box that represents the Channel Room Name or Rate Name in the Stop Sell column that you want to remove
  5. Click the Save & Update Channel button

iBex will then update the sales channel with zero availability for that room type and rate. You can check this by logging into your Sales Channel account and clicking your refresh button.

This can take a few minutes depending on the amount of 'traffic' that the sales channel is dealing with at that particular time. You will know once iBex has sent the information successfully by clicking on the View Log button which will show you all updates sent between the 2 systems. If the log advises that there are No channel updates queued, then it means that it has been sent.

If you wish to update the sales channel with the rate again, just take off the Stop Sell by unticking it and clicking the Save & Update Channel button again.