Creating a Child / Infant Rate

Step 1:

To create a child or infant rate (which will not use your standard additional adult price) you can start by going to New Rate (located underneath the Rates heading in iBex menu). 

Fill out the form on the Details tab, but underneath the Guest Rules subheading ensure you select the Rate Type as Child/Infant rate (no adults). 

You can then select your guest type to children only, infants only, or both.

Step 2:

Once you have completed the set up on the Details page, you can proceed to link the new Child / Infant rate to it's appropriate room types.

Please proceed to the Room Types /Selling Group Mappings tab, and tick to enable the Child / Infant rate underneath the correct Selling Groups, and alongside the correct Room Types.

Save Mapping.

Step 3:

Proceed to the Pricing tab to enter a value for your children / infants.

*Ensure your are using the Set Rates - Long Term option (located just above the calendar).

Click on a cell in the calendar to open the Set Rates window.

Select your start date and end date (or click on the lemniscateto make indefinite), then enter your additional child / infant rate value in the Base (and Additional Person) fields, then Set Rates.

You will need to repeat these steps for every new child / infant rate price you would like set.

For example, 1 x child rate for studios & cabins ($15), 1 x infant rate for sites ($10), 1 x infant rate for studios & cabins ($8), 1 x infant rate for sites ($5).

Linking a Child / Infant Rate

Go to Search Rates, and select the red ID for an adult rate of a room type that needs amending (eg nt-1Bdrm). 

On the Details tab of the adult rate, scroll down to the Linked Rates subheading.

Under the Child Rate and Infant Rate fields, select the applicable rates you have created, and Save Rate

*This will then update your iBex account to use the child / infant pricing set, instead of the additional adult person pricing (set on the rate you are amending).

Repeat for each adult rate that needs separate child / infant rates applied.

Please Note: 

Most sales channels connected through your iBex Channel Manager only receive base rates from iBex, and that additional person / child / infant rates will most likely need to be set directly at your connected sales channels.