When recording a payment in iBex you can easily add a credit card fee which will update the payment amount and the booking balance automatically. 


1. Select Manage Property in iBex (under Settings > Manage Property heading in your menu).

2. From Manage Property screen, scroll down to the Financial section as shown below. 

Enter the percentage surcharge you are going to add for credit cards. Also, from your list of Extras, choose which Extra these charges are going to be recorded against.

Please note that when setting up the Credit Card Extra, that the charge code needs to be created as Type "Fixed Value".

The Charge Method should be "Per Booking", and you will likely want to set the extra as "Non Refundable".

If you require a deposit for bookings then the credit card fee will be added to website bookings as well. For instructions on how to set up Deposit Requirements - please click here.


When recording a new payment iBex allows you to add a credit card fee by ticking the Add Credit Card Fee box as per screenshot below. 

Please note that this option will be available only if recording a new payment against the booking.

*Important: If you are changing the payment amount after the option Add Credit Card Fee has been selected, you'll need to un-tick this option and tick it again to make sure the total amount is being calculated correctly.

After the new payment has been saved an extra (defaulting to the payment date) will be added automatically to the booking:

The Booking Total and Booking Balance will be updated according to the payment amount: