Invalidate a Credit Card

If you need to invalidate a credit card held with, you can do this from inside the iBex booking. This allows the card to be invalidated without knowing the full number. This action cannot be reversed.

Note: The “Invalidate Credit Card” button will show for every booking, even if it has no credit card.


Open the iBex booking and open the Finance tab


Select "Invalidate Credit Cards" -  clicking this will open a warning window.

Click the red button to confirm, and iBex will notify to mark the specific's credit card as invalid.
Afterwards, you’ll be given a success message indicating if invalidated the card(s).


Or, if there was a problem, the error message.

You can also look at the Sales Channel Update Log or Booking Log to see any invalidation attempts and responses.



If the credit card was marked as invalid before the guest canceled, the guest will automatically receive an email from requesting new card details within 24 hours.