If you have an account set up with Airbnb, you can connect it to your iBex Channel Manager so that any rates and room availability are automatically updated by your iBex system. In return, any bookings made at Airbnb will also be automatically updated in your iBex system. 


PMS users - All Bookings will automatically be allocated a unit in accordance with what order you have set your units to be allocated to and will show on your Bookings Calendar. 


If you're not already signed up with Airbnb, please click here and complete the details required.


Set up the connection yourself FREE OF CHARGE using our self help instructions below.

Note: If you would prefer Seekom Support to set up the connection for you a charge of $110 (+tax) per hour will apply with a minimum charge of $50 (+tax)


  1. iBex will only send the maximum availability of 1 to Airbnb

  2. iBex will only send the base price to Airbnb - Additional Pax Pricing in the channel mapping will need to be used to (Additional Pax Pricing can not be less than $8)

  3. Airbnb will not support pricing with decimal places. iBex will send the non-rounded amount

  4. An error in the channel mapping will occur if iBex sends a rate less of NZ$15 (US$10) to Airbnb. The rate will remain the same at AirBnb

  5. Airbnb does not support multi rates for a single listing

  6. Max occupancy for listing is set at AirBnb

  7. Airbnb applies the minimum night restriction for the first night of a booking to the whole booking. For example, if a booking arrives on a night with a 2-night restriction, that restriction will be applied to the whole booking, even if the subsequent nights have a higher restriction.

  8. Listings with Airbnb two-way connections MUST BE Instant Book. Therefore you will need to have all the guest requirements switched off and on instant book switched on for the connection to work.

Set Up Instructions

Please use the following connection instructions to connect Airbnb to your iBex Channel Manager:

The property has to have an existing account and listings representing each iBex room set up in Airbnb.

If you already have an Airbnb 2 ways connection, you only need to add the property into the mapping and hit "Save & Update Chanel". 

Firstly, open Search Sales Channel and open your Airbnb Connection: 

If you want to create a new Airbnb Connection

  1. In your Airbnb account for each listing you will need to go to the Availability tab and ensure the Booking window is set to “All Future Dates” in order for iBex to send through 2 years worth or rates and availability

  2. Login to your iBex account – click here

    Click on New Sales Channel in the iBex menu (under the header Channel Management). Click on the green Plus symbol for the Airbnb sales channel.

  1. Choose the Selling Group for the rates you wish to send to the Airbnb.

  1. Click Register Sales Channel button. You will progress to the Channel Mapping tab.

  1. Enter your email address at iBex Notification Emails To field. It is recommended that iBex Booking Email Rule is set to ‘Follow normal email rules’.

    As Airbnb does not send cancellation emails your only notification of these will be if you turn on iBex emails.

  2. Set Allocation Handling field as required (we recommend Total per Room).

  3. Set Min Stay Handling field as required (we recommend First Available).
  4. Click Save button.

  5. Click Connect to Airbnb
  6. Login with your Host Airbnb credentials and accept Ts&Cs.

  7. You have now connected your Airbnb account to iBex.  

  8. You can now map any of the iBex Rooms to any of your Listings which will appear in the Channel Room Name drop-down.

    Complete each room mapping row as follows:

    • Channel Room Name – select as required (this is the listing name at Airbnb). 

    • iBex Rate Name – select as required. 

    • Additional Pax Pricing must be set as Airbnb's original nightly rates will be cleared and overwritten with rates and the add. pax pricing set in iBex (Please note a minimum of $8 applies).

    • Weekly Discount % - Set a weekly discount percentage (note: discount will not apply on additional pax pricing)

    • Monthly Discount % -  Set a monthly discount percentage (note: discount will not apply on additional pax pricing)

  9. Click Save & Update Channel button.

  10. Wait a few minutes and click View Log button.

    Tip: If the Remote Service Log Viewer indicates queued updates are pending, wait a further few minutes and click the ‘Refresh’ button.

  11. If you have performed the connection successfully you will see OK messages for inventory & rates uploaded.
    See example below.

    Once you've completed the connection your Airbnb listing will be reviewed by Airbnb. We recommend to check the Sync Status in your Airbnb account: The Sync Status should be updated to 'Limited' within 24 hours. Your iBex channel manager doesn't support content (description, images...) at present. So the Sync Status will be "Limited".