If you often send the same text message to guests, you can now set up SMS Templates to speed up the process. SMS Templates can automatically pull any required information from your property and booking details, e.g. Guest Name, Door Code, Arrival, Departure, Total Cost etc.

To set up a SMS Template you will need to go into any booking and click on “SMS Log or “New SMS”.  A pop up will appear where you can click on Manage Templates to create/customise a template.

To set up and use SMS Templates, open any booking in iBex. Go to the Lead Guest tab and click on New SMS.

A pop up window will open. To save a new SMS Template, click Manage Templates and enter the name and message of the template.

  • SMS Template - this is where you can select on an existing template you may want to amend or select the ‘blank’ option to create a brand new template

  • Name - Where you add in the SMS template name 

  • Message - where you will type up the customised message.  To see the list of template tags you will need to use the forward slash  “/” on your keyboard. 

  • New Template -  Will let you create a new SMS template

  • Save - Clicking on the button will save your template 

  • Delete -  To remove the template from your account

To use your new email template, return to the Send SMS tab. Select the new template's name from the drop down list. Check the message, and click Send when ready. Please note, a charge of $0.22 per SMS applies.