Adding/registering an Agent for your property can save your staff a lot of time when you receive bookings from other sources such as travel agents or i-sites. 

  • You can register them to a selling group so that they are allocated different rates, extras, terms, and invoicing. 
  • Set a commission percentage which is automatically calculated when a booking is made and linked to the agent.
  • You can provide them with their own booking screen which will allow them to make direct bookings online following any rules set by you.
  • You will have a record of all historic bookings, invoices, and payments for that agent.


Select New Agent, under Settings > Customers, Companies & Agents in your menu. 

ID: this is a unique reference to this custom agent and cannot be changed once set. It must be between 4-8 characters long and contain only letters or numbers).  This is also what the agent will use if they use the Secure Agent Login link on your website (if you have this enabled). 

Name: The name of the agent - this is used throughout iBex to identify this agent.

User Code: Add any reference or code that should be stored about this agent. this is a custom field and can be edited in future if needed. 

Type: Select from a list of agent types, e.g Travel Agent, Information Center, Inbound Tour Agent, Other (Note: if Travel Agent is selected there will be a section to add their IATA (International Air Travel Association) reference number