Manage your schedules to edit, add or delete the types of services for the Jobsheet.

Once your rules are set up they will create the schedules which will apply to your future bookings and units.

You have the ability to search and filter by booking, unit, property and categories. To find this page in your menu go to Housekeeping  > Schedules 

Enabling and Disabling schedules 

If you wish to not delete schedules you can enable and disable them using the 'toggle' on the far left hand side.  If enabled it will appear on the Job Sheet. If disabled it will not appear on the Job Sheet.

Editing schedules 

Click on the blue "Edit" link which will allow you to amend the schedule to a different start or ends dates. 

This function also has the ability to change the schedule to different types, categories and repeat type 

Adding schedules to Units or on a Property

This is used  for one off jobs such as cleaning the lobby for a property or even maintenance in room

  •  Click on Add Schedule and a modal window will appear on the screen where you will need to give a name and select a category it is related to. 

  •  You will now be taken to the edit schedules page where you can set a date when you want this schedule to be done and the type of repeat  

Adding schedules to a Booking

  • Click into a  booking
  • Select the "Housekeeping" tab
  • Click on "Add Schedule"

Deleting schedules

  • Go to "Schedules" in the side menu
  • Use the tick boxes or click on a schedule and the rows will turn orange > click on the 3 dot menu> then click on  Delete to remove the schedules completely 

NOTE: You can delete schedules even if they are enabled