Repeat Guests

Guests who have stayed with you before, will appear on your Arrivals & Departures report with a grey symbol 

As shown below:

This makes it easy to welcome the guest back to your property, and encourage them to book direct if they are booking through an Online Travel Agent.

It will only apply to customers who are saved in the customer database, and if they have at least one confirmed booking with historic arrival & departure dates.

VIP Guests

You can mark a guest as a VIP, and they will be flagged with a golden star next to their name.

To set this up on a customer, you can go to the Lead Guest tab from inside their booking. 

Select the box VIP Guest, and Save Lead Guest.

You can also enable this from the Customer Database, by going to Search Customers (under the Customers, Companies & Agents heading in the menu). Search for your customer, and click on their red Customer ID.

From the Details tab, you can enable the VIP Guest option and Save Customer.

Once your guests are marked as VIP's, you can see the VIP flag from: 

  • the Arrivals & Departures report 
  • the Search Bookings report
  • the Search Customers report
  • The yellow hover-bubble on the Bookings Calendar

You can also search your VIP customers from the Search Bookings report filter.

This means you can export your VIP's details, and import it into a mail campaign software (eg Mailchimp) to target them directly with promotions or discounts.