Housekeeping Advanced is only available to iBex users on the Accelerate or Growth plans. Please contact us if you would like to upgrade your iBex plan.

Housekeeping Advanced adds three extra features to Housekeeping:

1. Housekeeping Forecast page

2. The ability to create custom rules

3. The ability to add priority status to jobs

Housekeeping Forecast Page

This can be found under Housekeeping > Forecast in your menu.

The Forecast page displays how many jobs of each type, for each unit type, you have each day for the rest of the week.

Days with higher numbers of jobs are shaded darker. Days with no jobs won't display on the Forecast page.

If you have unit types which are never used in Housekeeping (e.g. tent sites, dummy rooms) you can remove them from the Forecast page by going to Units > Manage Unit Types and removing the Serviceable option.

Creating Custom Rules

See Set Up Housekeeping Rules for instructions on creating custom rules.

Adding priority status to jobs

1. In the Jobsheet, select the rooms that you want to add Priority to

2. Click the vertical three dots icon and select "Set Priority"

3. The jobs will now appear with a Priority icon on both the onscreen and printed jobsheets.